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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
You make the claim we don't develop top six players, then use top three criteria. Most full seasons see fewer than 60 NHL players finish with 60 points ... an average of less than two per team. Mid to upper 40 point scoring gets a player into the top 120 in an average season (four per team) ... a range where even Legwand and Erat routinely reside(d) along with Hartnell (as a Pred), Radulov, Hornqvist, quite possibly Smith this year.

So do you want to talk elite, top 60 in the league, or top 6? They are three very distinct groups. Or are you going to continue to ask about top 6 then redefine the term repeatedly?
I think what I wold then counter with is that yes, technically a "top 3" guy is someone in the top 90 scorers in the league, and therefore a top 6 guy is in the top 180. In reality, we know this is not quite the truth. Their are much less than 90 players that can carry an offense. What that true number is, I am not entirely sure. Maybe 1.5-2.5 per team. The reality to me is that the Predators have what, two players in the top 90 in scoring, but they are in the bottom dregs of that top 90 and are essentially tied with around 40-50 guys at the back of that 75-130 range of players. On top of that, they have less players overall in that scrum. So not only do the preds lack at top end talent, they have few players in the middle portion of the offensive scorers. They lack depth and top end talent in offensive production. Instead, the Predators are full of very effective role players, the tweeners that fit in the 150s-200s range of scoring. This isn't going to cut it when you have goalies that are letting in 1-2 soft goals every 30 shots.

Legwand/Fisher are top 6 players. They are also more of middle of the road top 6 players or tweeners. They aren't offensive dynamos. Neither have the ability to create offense on their own. Ditto the rest of the roster.

When we began our playoff run as a team, we brought in some players that could legitimately score. We had a Paul Kariya, Steve Sullivan, Jason Arnott, at times Forsberg/Radulov/Hartnell/Dumont. These guys were all offensively far more gifted than anyone that is currently playing on this roster. Truthfully, Wilson pre-shoulder injury last year was reaching the level of a go-to-guy. He is starting to refind his groove, but his game has shifted from the bull-headed offense guy to more conservative, playmaker, who is often found over-thinking his game.

I don't have answers. If I was at the helm, I think would burn off an incredible amount of assets trying to acquire 1 true offensively gifted player either via trade or FA. The Predators have no difficulty finding tweeners and depth. Look at some of the guys in the system - Beck, Watson, Sissons, etc are waiting for a chance on this roster.

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