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01-12-2014, 03:07 PM
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Time warner vs fios

I'm doing construction on a new home and trying to have the cable installed during construction to eliminate visible wires. I have Cablevision now and as much as we all like to bash Cablevision the service is good and dependable for TV and internet.

The new location is Time Warner and not Cablevision and if there's any customers that hate their cable company more than Cablevision it's Time Warner's. I have one friend in the area and he said that they replaced TW with FIOS and they love it.

A couple of things that might lead me towards TW. Cablevision has a traffic/weather channel and an interactive traffic channel where you can see traffic maps in real time. That is important to me and if TW has similar I would like that. I'm assuming that FIOS has nothing like that.

And because TW is a wired cable company as opposed to FIOS, Cablevision can't play as many games with the MSG signal like they do with FIOS.

I know FIOS is cheaper but that's not the deciding factor for me. I know that the commercial/sports/movie channels are about the same. Does anyone know if either of them have Center Ice in HD? Cablevision doesn't and that's why I stopped getting it.

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