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Originally Posted by bleedrngrblue View Post
Jaromir Jagr singlehandedly has brought possibilities to this franchise. A franchise may I remind you all, that was the laughing stock of the NHL just 3 years ago. He's not a perfect player, but by god, he's tried his ass off as a Ranger, and seems very happy in a Ranger uniform. How you bash a guy who is obviously hurting and is still near the top in scoring is beyond me. Jagr is what he is, an offensively gifted hockey player. Does he have faults? Of course......he pouts at times, doesn't like to play defense,and can be moody.......but that description probably describes about 3/4 of the NHL's stars, so blow the get rid of Jagr thoughts out yer arse!
Making it into the playoffs and getting swept by the devils wasn't my idea of possibilities. It was a good start, but he doesn't bring anything to the team besides scoring, which has been lacking lately. And scoring is just one aspect. you can't win on scoring alone, and being a leader on the team you would think that jagr would step up and atleast try to motivate the team, in some sort of way, be it in the locker room or on the ice. But he doesn't. And you NEED that from your captain. Otherwise what is the point of him being the leader/captain. i've said it once and i'll say it again, he is a selfish player, who depsite "wanting to win a cup in new york" only cares about his own stats. Listen, I am grateful for what he has done for the team (last years playoof birth). but he is supposed to be a captain, a leader. it appears very clear that he is not commited to the team, and can't stand tall when faced with adversity. P.S. straka has been putting up numbers just below that of jagrs (due to a lot of defenses in the nhl targeting jagr) and yet no one questions strakas hustle or commitment to the team. while straka might not single handedly bring the rangers a cup, he helps to instill certain values in the rangers orginization, so for that i am extremely grateful. i will miss straka when he is gone, and players like him as well. i don't expect jagr to bring us a cup just yet, but leave the team in better shape, and help set team goals, rather than individual goals, for the new york rangers.

ohh and i'm sure 3/4 of the nhl stars are just like jagr, thats why only a handful ever get to drink from lord stanley.

this team needs to develop its own character, by building off of the veterans that are willing to teach and motivate the young, and in doing so, certain players will step up and fill the leadership voids that the so called captain has neglected. then and only then will the rangers be a contender. funny,shanny has been with the team only a fraction of the time that jagr has, but i.m.h.o embodies all of the characteristics that make a ranger a ranger (hard working day in and day out, doesn't make excuses, leads by example, and classy), a true team player.

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