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Originally Posted by dank View Post
i definitely think he should be locked up, however i doubt that he would leave after the year. he said that he likes the one-year contract so that he can play for his next one, i doubt he leaves NY unless something awful happens.
Well something awful did happen to him...he started playing for the Rangers!

Listen I'm one who brought up some reasons to trade him, although there are certainly also reasons not to. The reasons not to are very clear, the man brings not only a ton of talent but also an amazing amount of intangibles to the team that desperately need them. I don't care who has the 'C' on their chest, Shanahan is the acting captain of this team. When the Ottawa defenseman flipped the puck into the crowd at the end of the game but nothing was called, who questioned the refs at the end of the game? Not Jagr.

Here are some reasons not to sign him:

His leadership and character are wasted on this group of schlubs. Nobody who matters is really learning anything from Shanahan. Maybe Tyutin, that's about it.

Coincidence or not, Shanahan's arrival triggered Prucha's descent down the depth chart. Hopefully by the time this team is actually good Prucha will be scoring 40 goals for us. Shanahan will certainly be retired before this team accomplishes anything.

There is no centerman to get him the puck. Putting Shanahan with Cullen is a waste.

We all assume he wants to come back, which he may not. Although he's smart enough to say all the right things, if you read between the lines Shanahan has questioned things on this team. He's questioned the coach, the power play, and the team's willingness to do what it takes to win. He has to be wondering what the heck he got himself into here.

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