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01-12-2014, 05:53 PM
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This result is sucess taking into account that we missed probably the best 1998 born player (at least in my opinion), goaltender Hrenák.

I have never seen a number of those players. From what I've seen I can tell Juriga is solid, Kožiak is solid G, as well (he's come to Slovan, so I'll see him more from now). As for Hrehorčák and Roman duo – Hrehorčák is the best skate I've ever seen in this category. Good player, but sometimes impetuous and rash. But I've seen him just twice.

I saw Roman in one game, I was dissapointed, but probably it was his one of the worst game in this season, so I don't judge. But still, he showed nice hockey sense and hands.

From this team, I really like the skills of Filip Vašaš. But he does not seem to be a team player too much. I suggest counting the number of passes he makes in the game. I wouldn't be surprise if the first digit would be 1 or it would be even single-digit number. Martančík is fine. I like Bodák.

But do not overrate this result. We beat Finns with their B-team as they were focusing especially on the tournament played overseas. Interesting prospects like Mäkinen, Puljujärvi or Nurmi were with the team playing overseas along with the coach Jussi Ahokas, who has been coaching U16 all season long, unlike Mika Marttila who coached Finns in Wetzikon. AFAIK, it is second straight year that Finns has sent their B-team to this tournament. In 2011 in Trnava, they were playing with their best players (Kapanen, Honkanen, Pitkänen, Hopponen etc.).

To be honest, I've heard that 1998 pool is not so strong. To be honest, I cannot evaluate them, I've never seen this-year U16 playing a single game (not counting that "mock game" during Slovenské hokejové leto, where mixed teams containing U17 and U16 were playing against each other), but at the same time, last year I've remembered many 1997 born players from Extraliga dorastu or even Extraliga juniorov. This-year I have to search for the 1998 born players when they're on the ice. Plus no-one is playing in Extraliga juniorov. If I'm not mistaken, no player from 1998 pool has played single game in Extraliga juniorov, this season. Last year, we had three regular players from 1997 group, that played in Extraliga juniorov – Hatala, Černák and Valent. This could be caused by two factors:

- Last season, the U18 players (1995 pool) were exceptional in Extraliga dorastu, therefore there were more space for 1997 players, especially those who attended high school, as the dorast category was the lowest category for them in which they were eligible to play. Therefore I remembered more U16 eligible players last season.
- 1998 pool is simply weaker than 1997.

In my opinion the second named factor is little bit stronger in this case. In 1997 pool we have few solid players (Hatala, Valent, Sádecký, Bondra, Grman, Kolesár, Tomek, Húska, Roman, Sloboda, Horvath) and I think this group will finally win at least one game at Ivan Hlinka Tournament (it will be our first win since 2009 ). Unfortunately, in 1998 I don't see any single player that could stand out of the other players (maybe Hrenák, if I close my eyes).

Hopefully this post is understandable. I'm writing it while falling asleep

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