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01-12-2014, 11:10 PM
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My aunt and uncle couldn't wait for Fios any longer (Understandable since I've had Fios for close to two years now and they live in the same neighborhood as I), so they finally decided to get a triple play package from Time Warner.

First, they only gave them a double play package without the phone. Computers were slow at Time Warner's end and they couldn't get the recording prompt where you either speak or press something to confirm switching phone providers. They were lead to believe the order would be put on hold, but they went with it.

Second, they finally got to ordering the triple play package and were informed that they would be paying, tax included, $170, with a package that consisted of 1 year free of DVR, HBO, Showtime for only a few bucks, and all sports channels. What they got instead was a bill that surpassed $240. Somehow, Time Warner was charging them each service (Internet, TV, Phone) separately.

Finally, they called and told them they would cancel everything if they didn't get what they originally were promised. So, Time Warner gave them the appropriate credit..but they took out both Showtime and HBO and replaced them with only Starz, and the only sports channels they have are MSG, SNY, YES.

I feel for them. I've got all premium channels, most sports channels, internet speeds that dwarfs theirs; all for a cheaper price than what TWC promised them.

The only thing I would say TWC has over Fios is that they have more HD channels and they have channels that will automatically switch to HD instead of the standard version.

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