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01-13-2014, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Curufinwe View Post
The problem is he's always going to be slow moving sideways because of his injury history. That will never get better, only worse.
My point is, yet again, Flyers fans seem to have zero patience for any veteran who doesn't play well. If this was a young guy playing poorly, it would be all about not trading him have patience blah blah blah. But Emery, who was ridiculous last season, isn't playing well. People are talking about bringing up Cal Heeter and how Emery playing 12 more games might cost this team the playoffs.

Why are we counting out a guy who last season put up ridiculous numbers? Why do we not have patience for him to turn it around? You want to have patience for young players to see what they MIGHT turn into, but you don't have patience for a veteran to get back to the level that we KNOW he has reached in the past. It seems we are putting a lot more value on potential than is warranted. Now, of course I am not saying "TRADE ALL THE YOUNG GUYS FOR VETERANS!" I just find it odd that there is so much patience for youth (or at least a clamoring for this patience), but a veteran gets hurt or struggles and people want to trade him, bench him, waive him or whatever after a slow start/bad stretch/whatever. People wanted to take the ******* C away from Giroux in the beginning of the season! But they have plenty of patience for the rookies who might maybe one day possibly get close to being a regular third liner some day, maybe.

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