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01-13-2014, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Curufinwe View Post
He has a chronic hip injury that obviously limits his mobility. There are younger, cheaper and more healthy backup goalies out there.
I understand that, and like I said, I'm not necessarily opposed to replacing him, I even think when we signed him that I was against it because of the reasons you just stated. It's more of just a problem I have with the general idea on this board that patience is what wins Stanley Cups, but then patience only matters when you are talking about players you like or players that turn out better elsewhere. Gus and JvR come to mind regarding players that we should either have patience with or should have had patience with in the past. Mesz, the Schenns, and now Emery appear to fall into the category of guys for which patience doesn't matter. Mesz can't come back from injury. Brayden Schenn won't develop. Luke Schenn is done. Emery can't come back from an injury that happened three years ago (even though he played well last year and the year before and as far as I know has not re-injured that hip).

You really need to get over your obsession with dragging Erik Gustafsson into every player discussion.
It's more of an obsession with the patience talked about around here, and the fact that in my mind this guy is incredibly overrated. I know that people downplay how much he is overrated, but there were legitimately people saying he was a top four defender last year when he had 60 games played. Not saying he could be or will be a top four defender, but that he was a top four defender. If he turns out to be a good player, great. I'll be psyched. But my obsession with Gus is more directed to other folks' obsession with him. Not the player himself, more of the people obsessed with him. To me, Gus is an easily replaceable 5/6 guy.

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