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01-13-2014, 11:28 AM
Larry Melnyk
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Originally Posted by jas View Post
Girardi shouldn't get more than five years, and I personally wouldn't go more than four years.
Hey my man, that's probably true, and I hope we get him for 4-5 years. And I'm also willing to overspend a little to keep the years down...Guys like Giraridi don't grow on trees and are the type of players winning teams need to keep. I Know he's had some struggles this season, but, defensively, so has MCD and most D-men in the league. Imagine if the guy was playing 21-23 minutes a night, as he should, rather than often between 25-30. This is a guy that can be a solid top pair defensive d-man for 4-5 years and the Rangers need to try an keep him within reason......CALLY is another story...The injuries are scary and he will be a huge risk to resign, so dealing him makes sense..

But, what I or you or any of us Internet dweebs think mean nothing. The only thing that matters is what the Master Architect thinks...I still can't see him selling...not after the way they have finally seemed to come together with the coach, how they can play on the road, how the Big stars (except The Invisible Man Stepan) finally seem to be elevating their game....Forget dealing for prospects (and does anybody really trust Sather with this? I don't, not one iota).......maybe deals for NHL players..or even possibly selling picks/prospects for help now...Just where I think Sather will go

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