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01-13-2014, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I don't want to pile back onto Koivu, but I honestly do think that getting away from that grinding mentality is a help. It's nice to see what the Wild can do when they actually try and play hockey like they want to score rather than just maintain possession of the puck in the offensive zone.

I for sure want to see Parise and Koivu split up when they get back. I want to see Koivu with two dangerous offensive players and I want to see Parise play with Granlund and another dangerous offensive player. I DO NOT want to see Parise, Koivu, or Coyle anywhere near each other.
I'm not sure it has to do with Koivu's style being an issue so much as having a bit more room to experiment with line combos without worrying so much about veteran status, etc.

I've long been a proponent of splitting Koivu and Parise up, but right now I'd actually be kind of hesitant to break up the other line combos that are working.

1A: Parise-Koivu-Fontaine
1B: Niederreiter-Granlund-Pominville
1C: Heatley-Coyle-Zucker
Checking: Cooke-Brodziak-Mitchell/Veilleux

And the key here is to use all three of those first lines roughly equally: maybe shield the "1B" line from the tougher defensive roles a little bit, but otherwise give them the same TOI and the same quality of opponents. This allows the guys who have been developing some confidence and chemistry in their absence to keep doing so and to still have a bit of (the good kind of) pressure on them. It also makes the opposing coach's line-matching job a hell of a lot harder.

The problem is, I'm not convinced Yeo is willing to "demote" the veterans like Koivu and Parise by giving other lines equal ice time.

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