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01-13-2014, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
Yea but you're arguing with 2 guys that are arguing a different point.

From what I gather, both want Boyle gone at any expense. That's their main point.
Yours is to argue that Dorsett and Carcillo aren't enforcers. Theirs are to argue that Dorsett and Carcillo deserve roster spots over Boyle.
In contrast to those who will defend the slug no matter how much he gunks up the works. This board is littered with that type of biased poster as well.

As for roster spots, Dorsett and Carcillo have a different role than BB (and play a different position) so your premise is silly and overly defensive. Putting alot of words in a lot of people's mouths; cut that out.

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