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Tips/Exercises/Drills for New Skater?


So I've decided that I very much want to improve my skating ability and be able to play some sort of organized form of hockey. I didn't get into hockey until post high school but I'm now an avid hockey fan(4 years and counting) and very much want to play the sport I love(I currently play a lot of ball hockey).

I'm not totally new to skating(I can skate forward and don't feel uncomfortable on ice) but I don't consider myself good at it in any sense of the word.

anyways, I've been going to public skates in my local rinks since mid-December and I try to skate at least 2-3 days a week for about an hour and a half each time, and my current end goal is to be a good enough skater to play at least rec league hockey by December of this year(so by the end of the year).

Having said all of this, these are the questions I hope to have answered:

What is the best order for learning the basic hockey skating techniques(BHST)? As far as I know this is how I view the order:
-Forward Skating
-Backward Skating
-Hockey Stops
-Forward Crossovers
-Backward Crossovers

What are the on-ice Exercises/drills that I can do to learn/improve on the BHST above and also to improve my balance?

What are some off-ice exercises that I can do to learn/improve on the BHST and also to help strengthen my feet/ankles/legs as well as improving my balance?

What else do I need to learn apart from the things I've already written?

Before I even think about adding a stick and puck to my skating(although I have already done that lol), I want to become a proficient skater without them first and I feel very driven and passionate to make it happen

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