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01-13-2014, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I do, it just seems to me like around here "justified patience" means "the patience required to support your argument." If it is a player you like, patience. If it is a team whipping boy, no patience. Emery got hurt what three years ago? He played fine since then. NOW it is the injury that is holding him back. Where was that injury in November when he went 3-3 with a .926 save percentage? I understand that he is injured and it is less likely for him to regain his form...but that injury was years ago. I was vocal about not re-signing him when he left because of his injury. He proved that it wasn't an issue (IIRC, most on here said a one year deal is fine because he showed the injury doesn't really hamper him like expected). But now he isn't playing great (behind a pretty atrocious defense I might add), and it is the injury and we have no patience this is not justified move along. It doesn't add up to me.

You want patience, great. You want justified patience ok. But why not justify to me why this situation doesn't warrant patience? Because he got injured two years ago? That doesn't sound like a good argument to me because he bounced back quite nicely since then. Now, if he re-injured it and I just missed it, well that is an entirely different story. But if you are just speculated that his poor play is his hip, you are using your "justifiable patience" argument to my exact definition (i.e. that it supports your argument, not the need for patience).
Because we simply do not have time for Emery to heal his hip, something which may never, ever happen considering the nature of the problem. That doesn't justify patience, especially not at a position as incredibly important as goal. Nothing sinks a team faster than bad goaltending. That's why it's justified.

His play has dramatically dropped off from his 6 starts in November. He has a gimpy hip. That's not something known to get better over time or with more work. Since November he has 8 appearances and 5 of them are under .910, some of them significantly under that mark. He has generally started looking slower and slower as time goes it looks like he's slow to even get up, which wasn't a problem to start the season.

Based on the progression we've seen there's very little reason to be patient, and he's 31 on top of that...not a good age to be dealing with chronic hip issues. If you don't understand that there's no point trying to explain further. It's been explained very clearly and very plainly to you, it seems like you're being willfully obtuse with this.

Edit: Basically, there is VERY little upside to Emery. It's more than likely that, from here on out, it's only decline. Why bother being patient with that?

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