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01-13-2014, 02:35 PM
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Plasma or LCD Televsion....what do you watch hockey games on ?

So here's my situation, I am looking to get a new big screen TV. Something around 50" or so. I am somewhat tech savy, but I dont know what to do at this point. I am in the air between a plasma or and LCD. I currently have a couple of LED LCD's as bedroom tv's ( both are 32" samsungs, different models, a couple years apart and I like the picture quality.....for the most part. All are 60hz TV's, and none are "junk".....they are middle-upper range LCD's in terms of quality when purchased. I have always felt that when watching a fast paced program such as hockey, i notice that something isnt quite right with the way the tv tries to keep up with the speed of motion on the screen ( which i know is the slight knock against LCD's ). I know that i would want to go with 120hz or 240hz processors on the big screen, but i've heard that there is still an issue with those models keeping up with high speed movement on the screens.....thats its just the nature of LCD's.

I love watching sports, especially hockey on my plasma ( which is also a mid range samsung from about 5 years ago ). In the tech world, plasmas, are by far the best in terms of picture quality and show true motion, clear as day, however, plasmas are slowly disappearing. I also need to put this TV in a room that has windows directly opposite of the screen. Plasmas usually show glare ( even if they have an anti-glare coating on them, while LCD's virtually show no glare. )

So, heres my situation.......

option #1......purchase a quality plasma, to get a great picture, flawless motion when watching sports and high paced movies, but deal with possible reflection issues in the room where it goes.

Option #2......purchase a quality LED LCD TV, with the 120hz or 240hz processors and hope that the processors makes enough of a difference in keeping up with high speed content that I dont notice it.

What do you have and what are your experiences??? Anybody with quality LED LCD's with 120 or 240 processors, is the motion super clear and near flawless? Any shadow effects when watching hockey?

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

PS.....i am not into gaming, so i don't care about that end of the spectrum.

Thanks !!

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