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01-13-2014, 02:48 PM
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I have both actually, so I'll give you my take.

We have a 50" LED in the house. It's in our living room, which is very bright, therefore we need a bright TV with matted glass. It does the job well. The ice is very bright, picture is very clear (this particular set we have has awful speakers)

In my Room, I have a 51" Samsung Plasma. Though the ice is nowhere near as bright as the LED, the picture is "deeper", meaning the ice looks like it has depth, and isn't as "flat". My room is very dark, so I have no issues with lighting, and I rarely watch TV during the day anyway.

a 60Hz LED is NOT something I'd recommend for fast paced sports, but 120Hz has this "fake" look to it, though I would imagine it would be super nice to watch hockey on.

Personally, I put my Samsung Plasma into "Game" mode which takes out most of the picture enhancements, and I turned the brightness and contrast very high. Doing so, I get bright-er picture (comparable to the LED) with a deep picture and solid colors (depending on how good your calibration is... it'll take you a few weeks of tinkering to find the right settings).

I'm a plasma guy. I had an LCD before this... Though it was nice, people had this "flat" look to them, especially when watching TV Shows in HD. Didn't have cable at the time so I couldn't compare in the same enviroment, but the 600Hz refresh rate on the Plasma is killer. I wouldn't go back to LED unless I move out of my room (not for several years, still in school) and get a very bright apartment.

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