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01-26-2007, 01:36 AM
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Broomball (sticks) options explored...

The Dilemma: I think I have a game of broomball going on our pond this weekend. It will probably be 3-on-3. I'm probably going to be the only person with a stick. I do have 6 hockey sticks if we wanted to do boot hockey, but this is a situation where I think broomball would be a lot more fun for all involved.

All of the used sporting goods stores around our place always sell their reasonably priced recycled wooden broomball sticks in mass to local organized leagues. I don't want to shell out $20-25 a stick just to get enough on hand.

Does anybody have any solutions? The obvious answer is to use actual brooms. What's the best way to go there? Get the ones that are really tightly wound up top, cut off the bottom with shears, and duct tape the bottom tight?

Has anybody manufactured their own wooden sticks? I haven't been able to find any spare "broom" segments.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Right now I'm leaning towards splurging on another stick, letting the defensemen use hockey sticks, and having the goalie go bare.

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