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01-13-2014, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Is his hip injured any more than it was last year? I honestly don't know the answer to this question. I haven't heard that he did anything to it since coming here. If it is, then ok I take back my entire argument. But I have not seen anything regarding that being the case.
Actually, I think it is. He's noticeably less mobile and a lot slower overall than he was last year, based on the games I watched with him playing. It's been mentioned that he even struggles to get back to his feet now. That wasn't an issue last season.

Definitely a sample size worth making a decision.
If you're merely stat-gazing, it's not enough, but the straight month of lackluster inconsistent play should be raising eyebrows. If you're taking the stats along with what he's showing on the ice, it well could be. If he keeps putting the team in a hole with weak play an alternative needs to be sought for.

Again, this hip issue is not something new (unless I am missing something). He had the issue last season and was pretty much lights out. But now, over the last eight games, his hip injury is killing him and making play awful and there is no time to wait and see if he comes back. Again, unless he has re-injured his hip I don't see why this injury that didn't affect him last year when he was dominating, all of the sudden makes him worse than Michael Leighton.
1) He was a lot more sheltered last year behind an excellent Chicago team

2) he was more mobile in general last year.

Again, I'm not so sure this small sample size shows anything at all. After those six games in November I didn't hear you talking about how we've got a solution in net, but these last 8 are the REAL Ray Emery.
Again...context. Why are you struggling so mightily to grasp these concepts?

Watching Emery play in November was stressful to say the least. His lateral movement was awful. He was constantly getting caught out of position and bailed out by the D or the opposition missing on chances. It's caught up to him, and it doesn't help that he actually looks even slower now than he did two months ago.

Seriously, I'm done here. It's clear you're either arguing for the sake of argument, or you're being willfully ignorant to prove some sort of point and it isn't working because it makes no sense on a fundamental level. Either way it's a waste of time.

Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
So you are going to tell me, that a hip injury that happened three years ago, and didn't stop him from putting up very good numbers since that time, is all of the sudden a problem, despite there being no evidence of some re-injury of that three year old injury. That injury that didn't stop him last year, or the year before, or the year before that, is now preventing him from playing well and there is no time to waste because it is only going to get worse because he played poorly recently. That is your story. And I am denying reality because I said that people on here have a definition of patience that they use to fit their different arguments.
Dude, we aren't talking about a minor injury here. Doctors told him he would never be able to play again. It's a medical miracle he was able to come back. It was thought his career would be over. And ever since the injury, he has been a lot slower. It's not like he rolled an ankle three years ago. This is the kind of injury that would earn a normal person a handicapped parking spot for the rest of their life. The only reason Emery is different is because of that whole "pro athletes are on a different level of conditioning" thing, and even then it's VERY clearly had a large impact.

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