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Originally Posted by NYR Viper View Post
It's not 33 or 34 I worry about. It's 35, 36 and 37.

Look around the league in the past 10 years at defensemen who play his style at his size. Volchenkov. McKee. Philips. Orpik. Regehr. Guys who play physical, block shots and are known as iron men. Their bodies deteriorate faster.

Girardi isn't Lidstrom or Chara or a d-man like that.
I agree, there is a risk for that he will be a bit broken down when he is 35, not what he is today, but what value do you think Girardi will have when he is 35-37? Y 5, 6 and 7 on a 7 year deal?

If we are speak in numbers relating to he cap we have now, what would he be, a 1.5m player? A 2.5m player? A 3.5m player? 3rd pairing veteran character guy, what is the going rate, 3m? I think Ottawa thinks Philips is on a decent contract.

Everyone knows the cap is 80m in 15/16. If the NHL has zero growth after that, with the PA bumper alone, we will reach a cap just north of 100m four years after that.

5.5m per with a 100m cap is like 3.45m today.

If that is too much, how much too much? A mil too much?

A mill too much for a real character vet in 5 years just don't scare me at all, and this IS the broken down scenario. Many Ds plays there best hockey when they are 35, if Girardi doesn't break down he is a steal in those years.

You know, do you get where I am coming from? I can't understand what people are afraid of. If anything, I am afraid of year 1-3, not 4-7... This is NOT a Drury contract. Drury got 7m per when the cap was 48m or something. There is always a risk with taking a player to a new team. Etc etc etc.

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