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01-13-2014, 05:26 PM
What's your point?
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I am really uncertain about this teams future. I am afraid that we will be caught in mediocrity like the Phillies were for nearly a decade before their recent success.

I love Roo and I think he is a top 10 forward in the NHL (somewhere in that 8-10 range) but I agree we need a top tier defenseman extremely bad. And trading for a franchise defenseman would set us back years. So, I see the draft being the only plausible way to obtain one of these elusive players.

The only player in this draft that I think have the potential to be fantastic NHL defenseman would be Ekblad and maybe Fleury however both should be off the board by the time we pick, and I assume we will pick in the 15-20 area. So, I would be perfectly fine with trading up for Ekblad. I would cost us a lot and it would not necessarily make us better next year, so we would be poise for a mediocre to bad season in 2015.

And with top end talent in 2015 being ridiculous we might as well tank in 2015 if we go after Ekblad. I don't suggest this move because again, it will take us years to be back upon the elite teams in the NHL but it may be worth it.

But, if rebuild is the plan the players I would like to keep are: Giroux, Mason, Couts, B. Schenn(maybe), Morin, Hagg, and Ghost. I would deem the rest as expendable.

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