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01-13-2014, 04:38 PM
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I've noticed a little irritation just below my shin after last weeks game(only on my right foot). I am guesisng I have "lace bite" for the first time in my life ever.

Looking into my skates(Reebok White K's), and lace bite, I guess the tongue isn't overly padded in them, and the lace lock system doesn't help either. I do tend to overly tighten my skate laces as well. They have broken in fairly well(second season using them), and are very comfortable. I have never had a problem in 30+ years of skating(first season playing in a league though)

Is it generally recommended to pick up some form of gel padding? Anyone with Reeboks tend to not lace so tight, and let the pump take up the extra space?
The pain is not bad at all right now, and the swelling is next to nothing(last time I skated was last Wed). I just don't want it to get any worse. I can also jog 4 miles with no pain.

Just curious, because I can't miss a game in the next two weeks, we are down two players as it is, and I don't want this problem to get worse, or become recurring.


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