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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
At the level of what teams? If we finished above them in the standings then yes. We were at the level of those teams that year. Is this really all that difficult?
The teams that went deep. I don't know why I even wrote that lengthy response before.

A team like Chicago LAST season. A team like Boston in either of their two Stanley Cup runs. A team like Pittsburgh in either of their runs. A team like the 06-07 Ducks or Senators.

We played to win every game 1-0 or 2-1. True contenders, like the 06-07 Ducks, did EVERYTHING right. They didn't rely on their goaltender and defense to win every game.

I'm looking past the fact they were the #1 seed. And I knew that we weren't going to go all the way with the lack of top end offensive talent, or lack of offensive depth, to go all the way.

We were a team that finished #1 when we probably should have finished #4 or #5. They were a good team. GOOD.

Are we going to pretend that we thought the Rangers were going to go all the way when the puck was first dropped at MSG game one against the Senators because we were the #1 seed? I didn't. And I didn't agree with the journalists when they were predicting the Rangers vs Blues before the playoffs started.

That team had admirable character, incredible work ethic, bought into the system, and a good goaltender. They were a good team. I can't say that I thought they were genuinely going to go all the way. At any point in time. I thought they over achieved in the post season as they did in the regular season.

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