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01-13-2014, 07:39 PM
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The reason im searching for these stats is pretty simple (apart this being interesting).

I want to create a shortlist of goaltenders who are great number 2-3 goalies for great fantasy goalie. I have Rask number 1 in my long time cap enforced keeper league that has drafts and farm systems etc.

So, i want to research if there is a goalie to support Rask's great games and with fewest possible chance for bad games, who is not getting premium money for his effort.
That's why i liked the BVA stat.
For the basic goalie stats SV% is the one i heavily trust, because i have been following it quite long and im comfortable in my ability to "read it" and compare it correctly.

In fantasy, its a shame to see a good goalie getting constantly ruined by, not a bad goalie, but unreliable in his performance. One bad game for the week can lose the stats for you.
So im looking for a goalie shortlist who are opposite of "box of chocolate", but as said, are not the "top 10" goalies of this days NHL.

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