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Originally Posted by hckyplayer8 View Post
I'm confused by your comments like the above.

The Pronger trade was a main reason we contended for the Cup in 09/10.
Likewise Lindros was a main reason we contended for the Cup in the 90's.

If you are saying there is more to a Cup team than a single player, I agree.

But I don't understand how anybody can deny the correlation of team competitiveness and the aforementioned players.

I mean since Lindros we didn't even sniff the the SCF till Pronger came and we haven't even been close since.
Game 7 of the ECF isn't a sniff? The 2004 team is the most complete team the Flyers have had since I was a fan and they didn't have a franchise player. Injuries ended that Cup run, but I would have liked their chances against Calgary had they beaten Tampa.

As to the confusion, the team was gutted to acquire Lindros and it took years to build a relevant team around him... and they still didn't win. Pronger was at the tail end of his prime when he was acquired, which is why he cost less than a Weber would today... and they still didn't win.

The teams that have won Cups recently have been patient with their youth and haven't traded it to acquire one large piece of the puzzle at the expense of the rest of the puzzle. It helps that these teams have had high first round picks to bolster their talent pool, but they built around that core of young talent instead of sacrificing it to get an established star.

I deride your truth handling abilities
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