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Originally Posted by mapes View Post
Well if no one passes, you know where the play is going. What kind of selfish guys do you play with? Call a team meeting, tell them to actually pass.

Or just steal it from a team mate.

It's hard to explain how to anticipate where the play is going. It takes years of research and experience that comes with time. But I'd call team mates out. Take charge. What's the worst that can happen? They get mad at you and refuse to pass it to you? Lol
I've tried telling people, but the problem is that this is a high school league. Most of us are sophomores/juniors in high school. Some kids think they are all that and so whenever they get the puck they don't pass at all. This forces other players to not pass either because they know if they do, they won't ever get it back. It's kind of like a chicken and egg situation.

Anyone with any info on my original question would really help.

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