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01-13-2014, 09:47 PM
Blurt Vision
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Something I don't see anybody mentioning regarding salaries for C and G in the coming years is that playing for the Rangers means a guy has to bear the burden not only of a higher cost of living but also income taxes levied by the state and the city of NY. Compared to playing in FL, T, or AZ, which have no state income tax, this becomes significant. So taking 5.5per in NY is like what, getting 4.8 in other markets? Do we see Stars, Dogs, Cats or Bolts being interested in 1 or the other? I do, with both. This interest, it has to push up the $ the Rangers have to be able to keep 1 or the other.

I'm up for Girard staying. If McIrath makes it he'll be nearly equally important minute for minute and he'll pretty cheap, relatively. Callahan I have no problem trading.

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