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Originally Posted by Jimi Hendrix View Post
Yes, I would say the Patricks have had the greatest impact on the game of hockey overall. In 1911, both brothers went out west and created the PCHA, a rival league to the NHL. Some changes they implemented in their league were and that are still in use today were:

-Goalies were allowed to get down on their knees to make a save. Before this wasn't allowed at all.
-Inventor of the penalty shot, blue line
-Introduction of the forward pass concept
-Numbers were put on player's sweaters to easily identify players
-Crediting of assists

The HHOF website credits both brothers for 22 rule changes still in use today.

I've always thought that Lester Patrick could be inducted into the HHOF 3 times over.

Also, Lester Patrick was one of the first rushing defenceman in the game.
They were credited for introducing numbered jerseys for all North American sports. There is a great book out there about the Patrick family, I believe it was published in the the late 70s or early 80s

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