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01-13-2014, 10:01 PM
Ok, dis hockey
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I decided that at season's end Im going to buy new gear.

Im slimming down and would like to upgrade stuff.

Only things Im still happy with is my pants, shins, and mitts.

I want to upgrade to a better fitting helmet. And one of the few that does fit my BIG dome is the Bauer Reakt.. perfectly too. Plus you cant really beat the protection so Im def looking to purchase that in the future. Also, I want to get into Refereeing, so i'd use my current 4500 for that and slap a visor on it. So I wouldnt have to keep swapping the cage on and off.

As i said, Ive been slimming down slowly but surely, and I should go down a size now. Im thinking CCM Crazy Lights.

Elbow pads slip. Its getting kind of annoying now. No idea what Im going with. But I do love the Bauer Strapping system cause its comfortable but thats what I have now and obv it cant really stay in place for long.

Sticks - Honestly, who doesn't want better hockey sticks? I havent upgraded from my Dolos from a couple of yrs. Although, I had like 2/3 back ups that I bought on closeout.. Id like to try the newer stuff. REALLY want to try the DT1LT.

But yeah..

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