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01-26-2007, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by xander View Post
we think that he has franchise level talent because we've [B]watched[B] him play, as apposed to making a judgement based on a stats sheet.

Nobody said the guy doesn't have worts, he does have defensive issues and he's not the most physical player. But how many of the current elite offensive players in this league would that description have applied too when they where 22? Especially some of the highly skilled europeans (I don't meen to over generalize, because I know that this doesn't apply to all european players, but there is some truth in the statement.)

and speaking of stats, 27 goals and 54 points is quite respectable for a 21 year old playing on a crappy team.

I have watched him play a lot this season and he takes more shifts off then he does on. I don;t know where you are getting he has 27 goals this season, but he has seven goals and is a minus 17. He may possess that skill and talent you speak of, but he is sure as hell not using it.

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