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Originally Posted by Dissonance View Post
I'd heard before that Plante was one of the first goalies to really venture outside the crease, but I have no idea if this is true or not.
Yes quite true, as prior to his actually playing in the NHL he played one year on a team (Senior I think it was) whereby his defencemen were shall we say "challenged" when it came to skating. One guy couldnt skate backwards to save his life; another couldnt turn right, the other couldnt turn left without falling down. So on shoot ins he started by corralling the puck behind the net, then he started wandering out & about as far as the corners playing the puck, then straight out almost to the blue-line. Extremely helpful. It was however anathema to how goaltenders were supposed to play, and it certainly gave Toe Blake Kinipshin Fits at first but he soon recognized the brilliance of the strategy. Took a lot of self confidence & hubris on Plantes part to do that, to break from the mold, but like Patrick Roy generations later hubris & self confidence was not in any short supply with Jake the Snake.... in fact, he'd tell just about anyone who would care to listen how great he was. Maybe even knit you a toque in the the time it took tell a few stories.

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