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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Indeed. I used to love watching Toe Blake behind the bench. Never was there a truer Sportsman & Coach. Total Class Act. Players wanted to perform for him... but as for the Wandering Goalie Revolution, that actually took place long before Plante ever came along or was even born for that matter. But like Rushing Defenceman, fell from favor, out of vogue. The first notable Wandering Goalie was Paddy Moran, a long time fixture in Quebec prior to the NHA & through its existence. Back then there were no Creases, and so it was up to the goalie to create room for himself and the best way to do it was to seriously lay on the lumber ala Billy Smith only then, with considerably more frequency. You had to protect your net like a Junk Yard Dog protecting a bone. Moran notorious for being beyond nasty....

... then there was his wandering. Not only did he play stand-up, he moved towards the shooters & cut down the angles. This was in the 19 odd 3's, 6's, 1912 etc. An art & science then lost until Plante again in the 50's, early 60's re-deployed them. Paddy Moran as well would skate well out of his net carrying the puck, and often on an incoming rush or breakaway would literally charge the opposing players and check them off the puck before they even had a chance to shoot it. Knock them ass over tea kettle. Just launch himself at them. So ya, you go back far enough & you'll find early versions of Hasek, Roy, Plante, Orr and just about any other individual who you might think an innovator. Most of those streets have been walked before, continents discovered a lot earlier than one might imagine or what history proclaims it to be.
Don't forget Chuck Rayner carrying the puck himself to the enemy zone.

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