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Originally Posted by Prongo View Post
What if you draft that player and he goes down with a career ending head injury? Or doesn't play the same afterwards and never reaches his potential? These types of risks are always going to happen no matter what. When a play of Shea Weber's caliber become available, you must try to get him. You build your team around a #1 center, and #1 defender. In the short run, you might be a little hurt for offense if you trade away two top 9 players for him, but you can replace from within(Laughton) and try through free agency. I am not even saying he will be available, just saying you have to try if he does become available.

These types of guys will become available every once in a while, and the price isn't always as steep as we think. Look at the Pronger trade, we gave Lupul, Sbisa, 2 first rounders... Lupul isn't on the team anymore and Sbisa is having a tough time in Anaheim. John Moore and Etem were the two first rounders if I am not mistaken, they have yet to amount to anything special. Pronger took us to the cup, and a freak injury put us where we are now. Yep, I know it could happen again right, but the chances are very small of something of that caliber to happen again. I believe the trade for Weber for be something like B Schenn, L Schenn, 2 first(Sub Grossmann) for L Schenn if they want. We would still hold all of our young defense prospects. Even if they demanded one, I would still feel comfortable giving one up, but keeping another asset.

There is so much that could go wrong, but why can't we concentrate on what could actually go right?
in response to bolded: That definitely may and does happen. In that case the team has lost nothing but 1 draft pick. You keep all of your other assets.

You right about team building. But except, I believe, for Boston with Chara, all other elite teams have drafted/grown their own talent.
The problem with trading for this caliber of players is that a team gives up a lot of assets and is forced to overpay to FA to fill the void. It's not a successful strategy in the cap era.

I am, certainly, not opposed to trade for # 1 D, but the price must be right. Otherwise, you are robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Also, I value Shea and would be happy to have him on the team, I am not sure he is what Pronger was for this team.

I am afraid, you and I will agree to disagree on this issue.

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