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01-14-2014, 07:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Groin Of Bates View Post
But, is that the upgrade that we truly need?
It might not be the one we truely need, but it's the most likely scenerio.
Vis is only getting older and now has concussion history.
AMac wont be on the bottom pairing either, especially if he gets a deal similar to Hamonic's (if he doesnt walk for a bigger contract).
Regardless of his age and injury history, he would still be in our top 4... even if we signed a couple D men on the UFA market. And 3.5m (Hamonics contract) is the going rate for a 3rd pairing D, so I'm not sure how that prevents him from playing on the bottom pair. Cal Clutterbuck is making more money than a few guys ahead of him too.

Let's say we potentially lose AMac. Are you comfortable with a regular rotation of Strait in that mix instead? I'm not.
I view Strait as being even with AMac defensively. Granted, I wouldn't switch the two if I had the choice, but I'm not crying in my beer if it comes down to that.

I hope deHaan continues to pan out, but at this point its up in the air. I know I've gotten heat for saying that the past few days, but 20 games is way too little to anoint the kid a #1 D savior. He's been playing great, no question. Really hope he kicks ass and continues, but, its still early into his career. He also has had an unfortunate shoulder plague...hopefully it doesnt strike again.
I can't get on anyone for having their reservations. As you know, I've been a big supporter of Calvin since he was drafted. I consider myself a realist, and I have no problem saying that this kid is not only the real deal, but he's only going to get better with time. That said, injuries are a concern..... but they are a concern for anyone that plays a contact sport. His last one was very similar to the one that sidelined Strait for a whole season. Just a freaky play that could have happened to anyone.

Also, we have no idea what Reinhart will do except for the few games we saw him in the camps and preseason. Like deHaan, way too early to have a proper assessment of his game.
I disagree to a point. I've watched the kid a lot, and he's ready for the show. Besides that, in the last two camps he managed to play better than pretty much everyone we had on the blueline other than Visnovsky and Hamonic. He's already made the team once, so it isn't far fetched to say he's going to do it again with even more developmental time under his belt.

I still believe that we need 1 more veteran presence on that blueline. Pairing a guy like deHaan, Hickey, Reinhart, or even Hammer with potential UFA's such as Morris, Girardi, Mitchell, Green, Meszaros, Niskanen, Sarich, Robidas, Orpik, etc. would do wonders.
Oh, believe me.... I totally agree with you, and in a perfect world, we get two of those guys. It's not likely to happen though, and we do need veterans if we're going to go with young D.... it's just going to have to be Hamonic, Visnovsky and AMac. That's my thinking anyway. Not optimal, but the most likely scenerio.

Do I think the majority of the guys I listed re-up with their current team? Yes, I do. Do I think we have a legitimate chance at some of the guys I named? No, I dont. But, those are just some UFA's I know are coming up off the top of my head.
Well, that's all I'm saying.

The D has been playing better, but the group you've listed would be still green compared to most in the NHL. In addition, we've seen what a few injuries can do to the group. We've seen guys like Hammer fall into a regression because it seems he is trying to do too much. That's not his game. Same goes for AMac...though, I dont know why Cappy uses him so much. Guy brain farts 9 out of every 10 plays.
If we only let in a rookie defenseman every couple years, this rebuild is going to take another 3-5 years. At some point, you have to let the kids sink or swim, and for Reinhart that time came awhile ago. Injuries always happen, you can't plan for it, and you will never build a team impervious to it.

I truly believe that another established defenseman would help our prospects grow. I believe it would provide a more calming presence. In addition, it would help slot the D better and place guys into more effective roles.That would be a solid upgrade, in my opinion.
In a perfect world, yes. But as even you admitted in this very post.... it isn't likely to happen. So are we to downgrade the defense, because of this by letting AMac walk? AMac becomes that veteran presence.

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