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Originally Posted by R3M1N1SC3 View Post
The fundamental issue on this team is that WE CAN'T DRAFT! The players we do draft only stick around for a few years before we give up on them and ship them out.

When this happens, you sign 35+ players like Lecavalier/Streit to 5 million dollar contracts. Lecavalier = done. Straight up, it should be Giroux, Schenn, and Couturier down the middle. Lecavalier is not a winger, period. Let the young guys get the playing time. Also, instead of signing Streit it would've allowed Gustafsson / Lauridsen / etc to get more playing time.

It all comes down to Snyder's inability to accept the fact that the team just "isn't good". Let the team be what they are, suck. Accept the results and draft accordingly. Stop reaching for these blockbuster trades and garbage FA signings.

I can't even think of the last defensemen we drafted that is actually a top-4 and still on the team. Also, most of the forwards are just...gone. Let's take a quick look:

Richards/Carter = Gone
JVR = Gone
Downie (1st rnd) - Gone and back again
2010/2009 drafts = Totally irrelevant
Sbisa = Gone
Kevin Marshall - 2nd round = bust
Three 2nd rounders in 06' = ALL busts (Andreas Nodl, Mike Ratchuk, Denis Bodrov)
Bartulis (3rd round) = Gone
2004 = One of the worst drafts EVER
Joni Pitkanen = Gone
Jeff Woywitka WHO???
Sharp = Gone
Justin Williams = GONE
Maxime Ouellet WHO???


I'm not saying that every team drafts to 100% accuracy, but my goodness the Flyers are TERRIBLE at drafting. I'm not sure who is/has been in charge of this process, but they need to GO.

Granted, there have been some good FA signings here and there (Briere and Roenick come to mind) but never enough to surpass the inevitable shortcomings of the team. It's been way too long since we've had a homegrown franchise defensemen/goalie.

If the Flyers are out of this thing come trade deadline, we need to sell hard. Trade away Timonen to a contender. Consider moving Hartnell/Coburn/Mez. Accept the fact that we are NOT winning the cup this year. It's not happening with this team.

If you look at the teams that are winning championships, they are teams that have drafted well. Chicago, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Boston. Granted, some of those teams "sucked" there way into #1 overall picks, but it is what it is. Crosby/Malkin are generational talents. Toews and Kane are generational talents. What is the Flyers answer to these guys?
The Flyers historically are one of the better drafting teams over the last dozen or so years (maybe longer) especially in the 1st.

Their philosophy is to stay competitive, so they trade young players for established players more often than others, is it a fault? That's an opinion question. They haven't won a cup in almost 40 years and while you can say that's the reason, you can also say they've been in the playoffs 95% of the time over the last 20 years, so is their way completely wrong either?

I'm in the camp of holding off, the Flyers look like they have some really solid talent coming on the blueline over the next 2-3 years, any acquisition of a big dman now will cost some of those players. hold the line.

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