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01-14-2014, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
I suspect it's because they want too many $ and for longer a term than he wants to give them. He's more than capable IMO of risking losing both for nothing for another kick at the can. If he does there's a good likelihood that he uses the money not spent on either/or both this coming July. He might not get them back but he will replace them with other UFA's. That seems to me a path he would take. He might even hold on to Richards then--which would be a huge mistake but it's not like he hasn't made huge mistakes before.

Anyway the development cupboard has a lot of empty spaces on the shelves. I've mentioned that before I think. No worthwhile goaltending in the pipeline. No legit 1st line forwards (with maybe the exception of Buchnevich) in the pipeline. No power forwards past maybe J.T. Miller and no defenseman capable of racking up points as a first pairing some day. We have all kinds of holes.

Personally I'd prefer to hold onto Girardi if he could be kept at a decent price. I don't see anyone in our organization at all ready to replace his minutes on right side defense but Girardi will do what's best for Girardi and what Girardi wants might not be best for the Rangers. Callahan's been injury prone and more easily replaced IMO but he's also the captain and a major part of the identity of the team even if the team is transitioning from a Tort's team to an AV style team.

The Rangers IMO will run the clock down to the deadline--see what their playoff chances look like and make decisions. Maybe they will sign one or both. Maybe they will trade. Maybe they'll do neither. It's not like that there's any real information about any negotiations between any of the parties.
There isn't another D in the free agent market better than Girardi. All of them are old guys. Which forward is Sather signing? Is Sather running the team past this season? That's another question. Statsny will get $7M. Vanek will get $8M. Vanek has the same agent as Callahan. Bartlett. Are they really worth those dollars? If the Rangers are going to shell out a MAX contract,just give it to the guy you know or don't give it all. From everything reported which hasn't been much,there is nothing going on with Callahan and Girardi contract talks. Are Thornton or Marleau leaving the Sharks? Both of them will 35. More old guys.

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