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Originally Posted by orange is better View Post
I don't think you're able to get an established #1 defenseman in this day and age for anything less than absolutely gutting the team.

Teams don't trade those players unless there's an issue, or they're aging and those are 2 characteristics this team doesn't need. The reason we haven't developed a defenseman of that calibre is because we haven't put ourselves in the position to. Developing is a part of it, but the player himself is also an enormous part of it. You have to either have a high pick to grab that guy (a la Pietrangelo, Doughty, Suter etc) or get incredibly lucky later on in the draft (a la Keith, Weber etc.). And those downplaying the sheer luck aspect of that happening are being extremely shortsighted.

The reason id rather look to moving a package for a high pick to grab a guy like Ekblad is that I believe that to be the only way were getting a #1 defenseman. Also, it'd be beneficial to have that defenseman grow with our core of young players, especially the likes of Morin, Gostisbehere and Hagg.

It's about time we have a glut of high potential defenseman prospects. Teams who build their own success win cups.
I do get that completely... I just think if they are going to move up next year may be a better time to do so due to there being ~5+ guys already who are being touted as top end D talent... like one of them is almost guaranteed to be available at ~10-12 next year, and will cost far less to move for.

Ekblad will cost the moon to move to #2 for (which is likely where you would have to have a decent chance of getting.)

I would rather just draft one of the highly rated wingers or a guy like Fleury/Honka/DeAngelo/McKeown this year, and keep building. (anyone else think they draft DeAngelo? South Philly guy? Guy could drive to the Flyers skate zone from his family home in 20mins! Though I have heard interviews with him and I am not sure I like his attitude at all... but he has so much talent.)

For example if they did that they could realistically have:

Morin, Hagg, Gostisbehere, Fleury/Honka/DeAngelo/McKeown and Andersson/Roy/Werenski/Pilon/Cernak/Spencer. (I think Kylington and Hanifin are long gone by the range they likely will pick in.)

I would actually love them to try and get 2 1st rounders for next year... it has the potential to be an insane draft. From catching some of Morins games and Q highlights guys like Roy, Meloche and Leveille look so good at a young age as well... they are looking as good as guys two years older. And that is just the Q.

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