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01-14-2014, 03:08 PM
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Well the debate of Richter vs Lundqvist will be put to rest soon when we get to the goalies on the all-time team thread.
This, to me, is no debate at all. If people are griping here about Hank letting in soft or bad goals, this place would have been lighting up quite a bit at all the bad goals Richter let in. To me, Richter and VBK is much more of a debate and I still personally have Richter behind VBK. It was awesome watching Richter win a Cup, but he did so with a very stacked team that finished like a dozen points ahead of the next nearest team in a season they should have won the Cup. But if anyone remembers what VBK did in 1985-86, that was something to behold.

In 1985-86, VBK won a Vezina and 31 games on a team with a losing record. The Rangers were 36-38-6 that season. VBK was 31-21-5, the rest of the NYR goalies that season were a combined 5-17-1. VBK would carry that 78 point team to the conference finals, beating the NHL's 2nd and 3rd best teams in rounds 1 and 2 (Philly 53-23-4, 110 pts and the Caps 50-23-7, 107 pts). VBK and the Rangers would run into a better Mtl team in round 3 and eventual Conn Smythe winner Patrick Roy, and lose out. But watching VBK win a Vezina on a losing team, than carry that team in successive playoff rounds past two teams that finished 30 pts higher in the same division... that was, for my money, more amazing than anything I'd seen Richter do any individual season as a NYR.