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01-29-2004, 05:50 AM
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Originally Posted by KingPurpleDinosaur
before i go into ur post, i'm wondering. do u actually know who's the best player in manchester or r u assuming?
Sorry I am mostly going by stats but I would pay more attetion to them before a call up was coming.
I mention Rosa because he has been leading that team offensively the entire season Although the forwards who have been called up were playing well at the time they we're called up Even Tripp although some monarch fans I had talked to thought that he was inconsistent even there. But there have been questionable callups among the forwards (smithson?) And I kinda dig him, I like how he is so willing to take the body by running into them at full speed.

As far as Zizka is concerned 3g 12a=15 -6 you going to tell me that he is the monarchs best d man at the time he was called up he was the only d man with a - and only Parros had a worse plus/minus I believe or at least currently Parros is worse at a -7 Corvo has been scoring lately but he is still not the kings best d man

Muir would make a much better 7th dman and to be honest I'd rather see what Seeley could do both are more deserving of the call up than Zizka IMO I've seen Zizka at an NHL level not good.

If we're going to reward a player than I'd rather it be the guy who has worked the hardest and is more consistent at maintaing his level of play.

Although I do have a feeling that Zizka was called just to sit for the kings and the next time we have a lull between games he'll get sent down and (likely) Gleason will be called up again and were just rotate them every week kinda like what we did with Scott and Huet last year

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