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01-14-2014, 11:21 PM
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While the jury is still out on Yakupov, I don't think you can really blame "weak 1st overalls" -- to me Taylor Hall and RNH are just as good draft picks as a MacKinnon, or a Seguin. Heck, as a Leaf fan, I'm thrilled that the Oilers drafted Hall -- it meant that Boston got stuck with Seguin who's a nutbar that needed a big reality check to become the player he is today. A guy with Hall's skillset in that Bruin top 6 would just be scary.

To me, it's a culture thing. Guys like RNH, Hall, Eberle, come in and are handed top of the lineup roster spots, but aren't actually expected to win... and aren't surrounded by a culture where you have to earn your position, playing time, and contract.

Instead, not only do the Oilers fail to provide an environment conducive to success, they dish out contracts ranging from $36m to $42m on these kids, and then go trading guys like Ladislav Smid for no apparent reason.

Having veteran leadership is obviously neccessary, but it really doesn't do much when that veteran leadership are bottom of the lineup players.

Originally Posted by Crede777 View Post
That's usually the right thing to do. You can't really be blamed for drafting BPA.

You can, however, take heat for failing to surround those BPA's with successful free agents or trade acquisitions as well as having cultivated talent from previous drafts.

If Edmonton had drafted Murray, do you think they would be significantly better right now? As a CBJ fan who thinks Murray is a beast, I have to say no obviously the Oilers would still be struggling. Murray alone wouldn't shore up a defense or goaltending. Maybe in 3 years he might, but not right now.
Honestly, the BPA thing is really overplayed. Teams should draft based on organizational need, and adjust their picks to do so by trading up/down.

Obviously, Edmonton has a tough time recruiting talent to come there. It's really no suprise, anyone who would come willingly is most likely not somebody you'd actually want to build a hockey team around, because they're ok with losing. You look at the 2012 draft with Yakupov. I could think of a ton of teams who would've love to get this guy into the middle/bottom of their lineup as an 18 year old (just like the Avs did with MacKinnon).

The Oilers could've quite easily walked away with a Galchenyuk and 2nd round pick to parlay into assets that can help the team immidiately. They could've gone further down as well, and picked up a really good immidiate contributor.

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