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01-15-2014, 07:21 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Brooks brought up the playoffs. The Rangers have to make the playoffs before you talk about the team in the playoffs. Look at their schedule in March. 4 games in western Canada. Seven players in the Olympics. In 2006,the Rangers weren't a very good team but they had a great first half. The sum of the parts were better than the parts. Lundqvist struggled down the stretch. Sweden won gold that year. In 2010,the Rangers missed the playoffs. Olympic years. They have their opportunity at home this month. Lost in the shootout to Columbus. Lost to TB last night. It was Tampa's 3rd game in 4 nights. Back to back road games. Those are 3 big points. The Rangers have played much better and they barely in a playoff spot having played more games than the other teams. Combine those 3 points with the points lost in December at home.
Personally if it were up to me college and Jr. kids would be playing in the Olympics--not NHL'ers. Considering that they've picked numerous Rangers underachievers this year--Nash, Stepan, the injured Callahan, Lundqvist whatever. There's a very good chance this team won't make the playoffs. A number of players though have been playing better recently. If that continues to the Olympic break and the the Rangers are positioned for the playoffs Sather will be less than likely to move key pieces and he certainly wouldn't have more than the grudging support (if that) of his coaching staff were he to do so. Pulling the plug on a would be 7th-8th seed might be the smart thing to do but shows a lack of faith not only in your players but in your coaching staff. That's why it's very unlikely. Sather's other option is to try to sign these guys but there's a point where that isn't feasible with either or. Just reading between the lines right now it seems that Girardi's going to be the harder sell than Callahan. Wish it were the other way around. This will be Girardi's and Cally's biggest chance to make a big score on the free agent market. You can't blame them though but how many millions of $'s does anyone really need? I recognize though that that is a minority opinion. For most people it's pile it on.

In the variable scenarios of holding on to the players however that works out--1. make the playoffs--2. go nowhere in the playoffs--3. make a run in the playoffs--4. don't make the playoffs and then lose the players for nothing after July 1. I expect again the Rangers to find ways to spend to the cap ceiling. Richards should be bought out anyway but his chances of staying increase IMO if Callahan and Girardi depart. One way or the other then the Rangers are going to use most of the excess $'s saved from Callahan, Girardi--and Richards or not on their own spending spree on the free agent market. More of the same old same old.

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