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Originally Posted by SerbianEagle View Post
How would you guys react, and what would you do...

Waiting in an intersection to make a left turn, the light is green and I am just waiting for the oncoming traffic to pass so i can safely turn. Nobody is seated beside me. In the back seat is my wife and next to her, in a baby car seat, is our 3 month old daughter...

A little ahead and stretching all the way next to our car is a rather large puddle from all the melting...last car coming in the opposite direction is a lifted Ford truck... its one of those trucks that if he was at a light next to you, and you are in a small car, top of his tire is higher than your head...

He enters the intersection and suddenly intentionally swerves towards us to hit the puddle and splash the mud on our car. By doing so, he literally missed us by a couple of inches. Yes he did splash the car, but who cares...He endangered 3 lives. How do I know it was intentional?

As he passed my wife looked back and saw him flipping the bird out of driver side window....

we have his plate #.
Originally Posted by Dave View Post
Soon people all over will be going the route of the russians and getting dash/helmet cams. I Know I will soon enough.
Really without what Dave has said you have nothing really to go on Serbian. You'll call the cops, they'll contact the guy and he can say numerous things and the police won't be able to do nothing.

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