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01-15-2014, 09:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Hiesenberg View Post
Ghost will have to put up like 30-40 pts for them to accept a sub-par defense from him which may happen considering his size.

Rafalski is a name that comes to mind, anybody else think this?
I don't know that he will be like Rafalski, but that is who he will have to be like to succeed IMO.

Originally Posted by Prongo View Post
BC16 fan sure does lol. That's who he always compares him too.

I don't like making comparisons, but he will need PP time with those numbers. The way the Flyers run their PP is with one defender one forward at the top might be tough for him to find them. Now, that may change in time, but when Morin comes up he needs to be on the back end of one of those PP's. He has a cannon. Now Streit will probably be manning the other one during that time.

I love Ghost, he has all the tools to become a great player. He can skate like the wind(which many of us have said is what the Flyers need to be looking for), physical even for his size, has greatly improved his defense. It is just a matter of if he can bring it together. A lot of people are saying though, he defense which was a weakness at one point, is becoming a strong suit for him.
That's at the NCAA level though. If he is 170-180 in the NHL (HF has him listed at 161, I've seen other sites say 175), he is going to get abused by the wingers that are 225+ pounds and over six foot. He'll be manhandled in front of the net, destroyed in the corners, and shoved off the puck easily in his own zone. He's going to have to put on some pounds, or be an incredibly strong defensive player to compensate.

His offense may be fine, but his size will be his biggest detriment. That's why I think you put him in the AHL next year to let him show that he can play with some seriously heavy hitters (literally and figuratively). Maybe I am wrong about this though...are NCAA players comparable in size to NHL players? I'm sure there are a bunch that are 6'4", 235lbs, but is he facing guys that big on a regular basis?

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