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Originally Posted by Richer's Ghost View Post
He's 6'4" so probably 120+ because of his shaft length (wouldn't be cut down much).

Plus flex helps boost the power with the whip effect so he wants some of it still there. No flex takes power out of your shot.

Remember he's 6' 4" and weighs 210 lbs and is in hella good shape (read strong). He needs that stiffness because of how big and heavy he is shooting with power. If you're 5' 10", 180 and don't work out regularly and cut off 3" from your 85 flex stick you are essentially shooting with the same rating he is after you do the math for your strength.

So don't feel like a wimp. And don't buy a 110 flex and cut 3" of it then expect to shoot harder in the beer league.

After not playing for nearly two decades and now jumping back into the world of composite sticks, this flex business has me a bit confused.

I thought the idea of the flex, and thus the whip, was to increase velocity. I personally have not gotten comfortable with the more flex sticks. Especially on ice with the heavier puck(as opposed to roller which I play more often and with a wood shaft) i feel the more flex sticks are flopping about on me.

Got a graf composite with a 110 flex for pretty cheap like 70% off(I think because of the low flex, everyone seems to want more) and have really liked it. Better control, and a better shot, or at least a more consistent shot.

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