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01-15-2014, 09:10 AM
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Originally Posted by devilsblood View Post
After not playing for nearly two decades and now jumping back into the world of composite sticks, this flex business has me a bit confused.

I thought the idea of the flex, and thus the whip, was to increase velocity. I personally have not gotten comfortable with the more flex sticks. Especially on ice with the heavier puck(as opposed to roller which I play more often and with a wood shaft) i feel the more flex sticks are flopping about on me.

Got a graf composite with a 110 flex for pretty cheap like 70% off(I think because of the low flex, everyone seems to want more) and have really liked it. Better control, and a better shot, or at least a more consistent shot.
This is why.

Flex = power. correct.

85 = low flex rating (85 lbs of force) to deflect it 1 inch
110 = high flex rating (110 lbs of force) to deflect it 1 inch

You have been mixing up rating with actual amount of flex. Low # = more flex.

That's all. I bet if you roll out with an 85 rated stick you'd feel like you're getting more power on your shot (especially wristers). Dunno about you but I almost never get a slapshot chance during games any more. Wrist and snappers at most.

FYI - Brett Hull used a 67 flex rating and he was 200lbs. He got all that power from a super whippy stick.

Think of it as a STIFFNESS rating rather than a flex amount and you will be better off.


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