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01-15-2014, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by devilsblood View Post
I thought as per rules, it should be allowed. That was not a kicking motion.

Philosophically speaking, I'd like to see it stand as well. I think the rules which people take as foundationally sound, lend towards goals being allowed in such fashion.

1)Players are allowed to use their skates to move the puck for normal play away from the goal. Kick it, deflect it, stop it, whatever, it's allowed.

2)The puck is allowed to go off the skate,(or the leg, or arm whatever) and into the net. And this includes deflections which are intentional, but do not require movement of the skate.

Not only does this combination of rules ask for gray area/controversial goals but imo they do not align logically.

Factor in the fact that kick in goals are pretty rare and the league in general is looking to boost offense, I'd be willing to just say eff it, let em kick goals in. Or at least see it in a beta version in some minor league, to make sure it doesn't lead to a HUGE influx of intentional kick in goals.
It was a slew foot type kicking motion, but was a deliberate kicking motion. If you watch you see that he knows its coming. He tried to make it legit like "whoops hey I was just turning" but when you analyze it he was deliberate and trying to pull a fast one.

The goal the other day in Toronto was a legit goal that was waved off. We should have lost that one in regulation, very lucky to get a point out of that game. It was a gift.

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