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01-27-2007, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
I really like Montoya, but I can understand them too.

The A and O of playing between the pipes today is to never sell yourself, to never overcommit, to always stay square to the puck, and if you play behind even a mediocre defense to make sure to take away the low parts of the net, since its really hard to get off high shots from good angles against a well collected D.

Montoya don't really play great in any of thoose aspects. He stands up and challenge shooters more then any other young goalie I have seen in a long time.

Though he is still decent, and that is kind of what makes me belives in him. Correcting thoose aspects is something all goalies over 30 have been force to do, thats not hard.

He got a great body, he got great athletisisim, he got really good reflexes, he is really good challenging shooters.

Montoya must get his positional game in order, he must start playing more of a modern game, but when he do that I think the product will be really well.

I am not the person to say if Montoya should be in the NHL or the AHL next season, can't say I know much about goalies. But its obivious that he is playing better and better in HFD. That he is improving and gooing in the right direction. Wheter he is ready next season, or the season after that, I think Montoya is a great asset, who is sometimes forgotten.

I just can't see him not having great value if he correct his flaws and comes in as a backup in the NHL and post good numbers. The return we can get for him could fill some big holes in this organization.
Regardless of his style, Ola, it's hard to argue with a .936 save percentage and 2 SOs over the last 10 games...

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