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01-27-2007, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
It really doesnt matter, usually its made the day of, not earlier. Some people (like me) put a lot of effort into it, so they like to try and get it up a little earlier in the am hours so their effort isnt wasted.

Anyone can start one. but its always good to have the game time, tv and the arena its being played in and some information about the game. I like to do alot more than that though...

If you surf around the other boards youll get an idea of how creative some GDT starters can be. On some boards people really go nuts.

Usually if the Rangers lose after one of my full GDTs, someone will pop up with a simple one the next game to try and "will" the Rangers to a more simple game. So i started to take records.

Honestly the way the Rangers have been playing, they havent earned my effort for the GDTs so im not gonna make one until they do. So maybe next game you can give it a shot.

HAHHAA...I understand! I love being creative with game threads too!

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