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01-15-2014, 03:07 PM
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You people saying that we need him for the point on PP, do you see what i see? He doesnt make any important/beautiful passes, its the other players like MZA and Brass doing those. He's just moving the puck from side to side.
Brichards isnt important on the PP, neither on the team at all. I wouldnt mind seeing Brad getting scratched and Miller getting ice-time. And with the cap, Brad's just in the way atm.

And for people talking about his points and stuff - i cant remember the last time i witnessed anyone getting as much "free" assist as Brad has gotten this year.
The stats are misleading, he's lacking alot of effort, looks lazy and doesnt move his feet much. He's over the top by far. Get rid of him, try get something (anything) in a trade, or buy him out.

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