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Originally Posted by Suddenly7 View Post
I usually communicate with my linemates about what I'm seeing on the ice.
This is important too, in getting your teammates to start passing. When I'm on the ice I hardly shut up, constantly calling out information to my teammates. It was drilled into me early in other sports, and it's carried over into hockey.

Your teammate has his back to the other team while they're forechecking - "One on!", "Two on!"

Your teammate has his back to the other team but they're not forechecking - "Time!" (ie, take your time)

You're wide open on the boards and your teammate can't see you - "BOARDS!"

The other team is about to collapse on the puck handler down low - "Point!" or maybe "Slot!", depending on who's open

Two of you are going to the puck at the same time - "Yours!" or "Mine!"

Your teammate is getting ready to pick up a loose puck, and there's room for him to skate it out himself - "Skate! Skate!"

You're the open trailer on a rush - "Drop!" or "Trailer!"

As you play games, you pick up on what other players are saying to communicate. Hockey is a really hard game to play with your head up as a novice, so it's really important for everyone to be talking out there.

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