Thread: Confirmed with Link: NSH/EDM Hendricks for Dubnyk
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01-15-2014, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Shizuka View Post
Sorry guys, don't mean to invade your private forum but thought I needed a break from the main boards. I feel like I need a shower after crawling through that!

Anyways, just wanted to thank the two NSH fans who posted reports in the trade thread reporting on Hendricks, sounds like a good guy in the room (needed to guide our young and somewhat immature players at times). Dubnyk really suffered this season, but this is actually the first one where he's truly faltered -- if you see his numbers he's been quite decent at the NHL level. Our abominable team D and poor facsimile of NHL defenders likely contributed a pretty big chunk to the slide this year, but... I will say as a caveat, Dubnyk does continue to let in the bad goal with some alarming regularity. In past seasons he's been able to overcome it and shake it off in game, but this season it's been exacerbated with the lousy team D play and the hedging of bets i.e. lack of confidence shown in him by management. His fundamentals have taken a hit, as has his mental toughness so I am hoping he rebounds under a far more disciplined, well coached system that you guys have under Trotz and co.

Cheers guys = ) Feel free to stop by our boards too! Open, intelligent discourse is always welcomed from other fans.
Hope Hendricks works out for you guys. Not sad to see him go as the Preds seem to have more than enough #grit as it is.

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