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01-15-2014, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by stoff View Post
My thoughts:

- don't like the Hendricks trade. Have the oilers not learned from past mistakes of having 3rd/4th liners signed to multi year contracts? Eager, Belanger, Moreau, Pisani, etc. Only one that has worked out so far is Gordon.
The real mistake with the players the Oilers have acquired during the rebuild for the bottom six is the ages of the players themselves. Players that don't have high levels of natural talent or hockey sense are usually retiring and dropping off in performance when they hit their mid-30s - Belanger, Smithson, Smyth, Horcoff, Staios were all solid examples in recent years of that happening to Oiler acquisitions/signings

It's even harder on the physical players, and the drop-off tends to be a lot more dramatic at a much younger age(Moreau, Eager etc) - which is a category that Hendricks falls into.

It's also an example of why Gordon was the first logical signing of the rebuild. He was 29, isn't really a physical guy, and will likely just be tailing off in performance right when his contract runs out.

-I've seen alot of people say, "if these guys are so readily available for cheap where are they?" The answer is that good teams draft players to fill the bottom six roles. Look at Detroit, Pittsburgh, Chicago,etc. That's the biggest failure of the Tambo era. For 5 years of rebuilding he hasn't been able to develop/draft any bottom six forwards. These are players a team should be drafting in the 3rd + rounds. It's terrible that we haven't hit on anything in years.
Actually, this is exactly what Tambo tried to do that has so thoroughly screwed the organization in the present. Grinders and checkers tend to arrive in their mid-twenties, you simply can't take 2nd round and later picks, draft players you project to be grinders at the NHL level, and then expect that they'll develop at the same pace as the first overall picks.

There has to be some acquisitions of competitive players in their mid to late twenties outside of the draft to supplement the talent so the team can enjoy some success while the prospects get a thorough education in the AHL. Tambos mistake was thinking he could rebuild an entire roster through the draft instead of just the high end talent, and his idea of rebuild transitional players was a bunch worn out older players looking for one last payday before everyone in the league recognized that they couldn't contribute anymore.

Of course, in an ideal world the Oilers would have something to show for years of picks before 2010 who could be arriving right now for the team, but the Oilers aren't very good at drafting(or managing, or rebuilding, or fan interaction etc etc)

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